The Romanoff Fund For Russia

Updated 5/3/2018

The newly renamed Romanoff Foundation,* under the patronage of the Honorary Chairperson, Her Highness Princess Dorrit Romanoff, is pleased to announce the appointment of four members to the Board of Trustees. The new Trustees who join Mr. Gregory Wolcough are Princess Alexandra Romanoff, Mr. Andrei Rodzianko, Count Peter Bobrinsky and Mr. Alexander Kotchoubey.

Together with donors and supporting partners, the Trustees are opening the next chapter in the Romanoff Foundation's activities, which for almost a quarter of a century has been helping people in need in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The charity's new stewards together with its donors are building on the legacy of the Foundation's founders, Prince Dimitri Romanoff (1926-2016) and his wife Princess Dorrit Romanoff who began the Romanoff Fund for Russia.

The Trustees plan to enhance the founding charter with a redefined mission based on three fundamental pillars: Faith, Heritage and Community.

1. Faith: to support the Orthodox Christian faith and its institutions amongst the Russian speaking diaspora and their descendants.
2. Heritage: to support the rich cultural and historical legacy of Russian speaking émigré communities to ensure this inheritance is passed on to future generations.
3. Community: to support individuals and institutions united by a common heritage with the aim of building stronger community ties and caring for the most vulnerable - the elderly, invalids and children in need.

For more information on the Romanoff Foundation or to make a donation, please write to us and visit our new website: The Charity plans to work with a network of established charities to arrange tax deductible gifting methods for donors in a variety of countries.

Contact: Mr. Gregory Wolcough
Post: Romanoff Foundation, c/o Mr. Gregory Wolcough, 38 Gilstead Road, London, SW6 2LG
*previously registered as the Romanoff Fund for Russia (UK)