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Creation of the Romanov Fund for Russia

Legally, the Fund was incorporated in England and Wales, Company Number 2924789 on 3 May 1994. It was entered onto the Central Register of Charities in England on 17 May 1994, Registered Number 1037622. The Fund was created for the purpose of benefiting persons who are residing in the territories of any of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Georgian Republic (which borders are to be taken as those in place on the First day of January 1993) and in particular citizens of any of the Commonwealth States as follows:

  • To relieve and assist such persons who are in condition of need, hardship or distress as a result or by reason of their social, economic or political circumstances

  • To further the education of such persons

  • To advance religion; and

  • To promote and carry out all or any other purposes which shall be exclusively charitable for the benefit of such persons by the provision of funding or other assistance by all such means as may be charitable.
As established at the outset the Fund continues its policy of having all help to the needy in Russia given directly by the Chairman of the Fund or another member of the Management Committee. After a fact finding visit to Russia in July 1993 by Prince Dimitri Romanovich, the Chairman of the Fund, it was decided initially to focus on the needs of children in the regions of Moscow and St Petersburg.

The seven Romanov Princes in Paris, 1992
The seven Romanov Princes in Paris, June 1992
Left to right: Dimitri, Michael, Alexander, Nicholas, Rostislav, Andrew and Nikita

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