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Facts and news about the fund
The Romanov Fund for Russia was created in 1994 by initiative of several senior members of my family. I have been now its chairman for nearly 18 years. In its first period of it existence it was confronted in Russia by all kinds of difficulties due to the near-collapse of the nation's economy and the critical situation of its welfare system.

With the gradual improvement of conditions in Russia it was possible for me, assisted by my wife Dorrit, to expand our humanitarian help to more distant regions, including some in Central Asia.

In 2006 I decided to create a sister fund in Moscow named "The Prince Dimitri Romanov Charity Fund" offering an easier access to many western Russian regions.

On 11 June 2011 the XVI Russian Summer Ball took place in London at the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace.
Once again funds were raised and donated to the Romanov Fund for Russia. My sincere thanks to the generous response from the sponsors and providers and all patrons and committee members, which made a substantial support to the activities of the Fund possible.

Prince Dimitri Romanov

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